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Unit L&D9DI: Assess Workplace Competence Using Direct and Indirect Methods

This unit is appropriate for you if your role involves:

  • assessing candidate against agreed standards of competence using a range of assessment methods
  • giving candidates feedback on your assessments decisions
  • contributing to the internal quality assurance processes

The activities you are likely to be involved in:

  • developing realistic plans for learning and assessment with candidates
  • understanding assessment requirements
  • planning the assessment process with candidates and other people involved
  • helping candidates to meet the agreed assessment requirements
  • reviewing the candidates level of competence and identifying what they need to do to be fully competent
  • supporting candidates with different needs during your assessment
  • using a variety of assessment methods
  • making a record of your assessment decisions
  • giving candidates feedback on their performance and reviewing their progress throughout the assessment process
  • using different types of evidence to give an overall assessment of competence
  • working with other people involved in the assessment process, such as workplace supervisors and other teachers or trainers

What the unit covers:

  1. Preparing to assess
  2. Planning assessments
  3. Assessing candidate performance
  4. Confirming progression and achievement


This unit covers assessing of candidates by using different assessment methods. These include:

  • watching candidates perform in the workplace
  • asking candidates questions
  • taking account of past experience and achievements
  • setting tests
  • setting projects and tasks
  • arranging simulations
  • assessing the candidate's report of their work
  • using evidence from other people, including peers and witnesses

Assessment can include using material from Awarding Bodies and from within your own organisation. It can also include assessing the competence of those who assess candidates as a major part of their role.

Observation may take place in person or using appropriate technology such as a video tape. Evidence may also include examining reports. All candidates must show they have agreed assessment requirements. You must also show that you are aware of and understand the appeals and complaints procedures and the processes for handling them.

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