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Equality & Diversity plan

Equal Opportunity Policy Statement

The association is committed to:

a. positive action to promote equality of opportunity in employment; and

b. regularly, comprehensive monitoring of the results of this commitment.

All employees and all personnel involved in training programmes delivered by Hospitality Training will be given equal opportunity in recruitment, in training and in promotion, when applicable, to more senior posts, irrespective of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex and sexual orientation.

All other policies and practices associated with Hospitality Training's role as an employer must be applied with strict observance to the equal opportunities policy and philosophy.  This also applies to training opportunities except in those cases where Hospitality Training intends to take positive action to provide special training for particularly disadvantaged groups.

Hospitality Training will take steps to utilise those statutory provisions that permit special action to be taken to improve recruitment to work where disadvantaged groups are under represented.

Employee are expected to behave in a non-racist and non-sexist way towards both the public and fellow employees.  Discrimination, abuse or harassment is not acceptable.


Diversity Plan

Hospitality Training and all subcontractors thereof must be committed to positively working with a diverse range of learners including those from minority groups.

  1. We will make it a priority to recruit and identify learners from minority groups, which represent the diversity of the population of Aberdeen/shire.
  2. We will provide our sub contractors with a copy of our Equal Opportunities Policy, and encourage sub contractors to attract learners that will enable us to reach our diversity goals.
  3. We will identify candidates with learning difficulties during induction and ensure that additional support and resources are made available to candidates with learning difficulties.  Sub Contractors (North East of Scotland College) provide adequate support, time and resources, as required by Hospitality Training in agreement with the individual.
  4. We will interview and recruit minority learners for all programmes for learning opportunities and potential job opportunities.
  5. Attend networking and organised events to make contact with representatives of minority groups, and encourage support of those groups.
  6. Track out progress in reaching our diversity goals by using our tracking system.
  7. We will train our team and sub contractors where appropriate to ensure the successful implementation of our Diversity Plan.
  8. We will review our performance at twice yearly staff appraisals, at monthly meetings and at annual staff training day.

All employee must strictly adhere to the policy and the procedures and practices complementing it.  Any breach of this policy may result in disciplinary procedure being invoked.  Where circumstances are appropriate, disciplinary action may result, up to and including dismissal.

This policy has been approved by Hospitality Training in its promotion of equal opportunities under the Equality Act 2010, Employment Act 2002, Employment Relations Act 2004, and the Disabled Persons Employment Act 1944 and 1958.