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Modern Apprenticeships

What are Modern Apprenticeships?
Modern Apprenticeships offer those aged over 16 paid employment combined with the opportunity to train for jobs at craft, technician and management level. They are an exciting way of gaining skills and qualifications that will help to start a career without having to study full-time, and are available now across a wide range of industries.

Who are they for?
Modern Apprenticeships are aimed at those from 16+ years and capable of achieving a Vocational Qualification at SCQF Level 5, 6 or 7.

What do they offer?
All the Modern Apprenticeship frameworks are developed by the industry or sector in which they will be implemented and therefore encompass all the skills you require to become a craftsman, technician or manager in that area. Modern Apprenticeship frameworks can also be used as the basis for training of more mature employees.

As a Modern Apprentice you will be employed from the very start of your training and receive a wage from your employer. You will then be given the chance to develop expertise and knowledge through on-the-job assessment as well as gaining vital skills such as team work and problem solving. Many Modern Apprentices also attend colleges or training centres to study the theory relating to their chosen occupation. To make sure the combination of theory and practice is right for you a Training Agreement will be drawn up that is unique to you. Through your Training Agreement, you, your employer and SDS are all committed to your development. With the right combination of theory and practice your career will be on track and you will gain a nationally recognised, high level qualification - a SVQ at SCQF Level 5, 6 or 7.

What will the training consist of - and what qualifications will be available?
Although each Modern Apprenticeship framework is specific to a particular industry or sector, they are all made up of three parts:

  • SVQ at SCQF Level 5, 6 or 7

    The occupational SVQ/NVQs for the sector at SCQF Level 5, 6 or 7 are the core of every framework. Some frameworks may specify progression routes, which allow apprentices to work towards a Level 5 initially, and then progress to the Level 6 or Level 7.

Full list of SVQ's available

  •  Core Skills

Everyone, regardless of the job they are doing, needs certain skills which help them to become a more flexible employee, able to adapt to constantly changing work situations. These skills are known as Core Skills and are:

      • Communication

      • Working With Others

      • Numeracy

      • Information Technology

      • Problem Solving

  •  Enhancements

To encourage employees development and broaden training, some Modern Apprenticeships also contain additional components that vary from industry to industry. They may include Personal Licence Holders qualification, Health & Safety qualification, Elementary Food Hygiene, additional units from other SVQ, or academic qualifications such as Higher National Certificates and Diplomas.


Who pays for all this?  The money to pay for your training may come from Skills Development Scotland, supported by your employer. Modern Apprentices are employed and paid a wage.

What's in it for me?

What better incentive when you are training than to know that you are being paid a wage, and that you are in the job because you've chosen it? Add to that the security of knowing your progress is being monitored and supported by your employer and your local enterprise company (Skills Development Scotland) and that you are working towards a nationally recognised qualification. Good news all round!

More information is available from Skills Development Scotland.