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Bar Service

This qualification is for over 18 year olds only.

Beverage service can be the difference between guests spending lots of money or having one drink and leaving. Bars can become very dirty and smelly within a short space of time if not maintained properly. Drinks can spill onto the floor and can get sticky, therefore it is important that the workplace is left tidy and ready for the next days business.

Bar work can be challenging and it is important that the customers get an experience in order that they would come back.

The qualification covers Health and Safety in the work business. This is important in the bar as you will be using Cleaning Materials for the bar tops, floor, cleaning fluids for the Beer Lines.

Working relations with customers and team members is important, Customer Care skills are covered within the qualification.

The main part of the qualification covers the preparation and service of drinks. This includes Draught, Free Pouring, Optics, Bottled Drinks and Soft Drinks.

On completion of this qualification you will have the ability to open and close down a Bar and ensure that this is done efficiently and safely.


Beverage Service SCQF Level 5

List of all units for GM2D 22 (complete 10 units in total)

Mandatory units

  • 1GEN1: Maintain health and safety in hospitality

  • 1GEN4: Work effectively as part of a hospitality team

  • 2GEN1: Impact of personal behaviour in hospitality

Optional units (seven units required)

  • 1FBS1: Prepare and clear the bar area

  • 2FBS2: Serve alcoholic and soft drinks

  • 2FBS3: Prepare and serve cocktails (Mixology)

  • 2FBS4: Prepare and serve beer/cider

  • 2FBS5: Prepare and serve wine

  • 2FBS6: Maintain Cellar and Kegs 

  • 2FBS7: Clean drink dispense lines

  • 2FBS8: Prepare and serve dispensed and instant hot drinks

  • 2FBS9: Set up a specialist coffee station

  • 2FBS10: Prepare and serve beverages from a specialist coffee station

  • 2FBS11: Clean and close a specialist coffee station

  • 2FBS12: Receive, store and issue drinks stock

  • 2GEN7:  Resolve customer service problems

  • 2GEN8:  Promote additional services or products to customers

  • 2GEN11: Maintain customer service through effective handover

  • 2GEN12: Maintain and deal with payments


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