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Professional Cookery

This is an ideal SVQ for young Chef's / Cooks looking to start a career in catering. The SVQ offers the Trainee the opportunity to learn and understand the requirements for Preparation and Cooking of Foods.

The importance of good Hygiene practices, Health and Safety, correct use of knives and also learning to work in a Production area.

Trainees are given Full support throughout their Training from Hospitality Training and we will provide them with a suitable text book.

Health and Safety is an important part of any industry these days and particularly so in a working Kitchen where there are hot plates, Gas Cookers, Knives, Cutting Equipment and many more.

Chefs will be taught how to use such equipment correctly and safely in order that they protect themselves and each other.

The SCQF Level 5 provides a selection of units which the Head Chef can choose for you in order that what you learn is in keeping with what your establishment requires.

On completion of the SCQF Level 5 the Chef would then have an option to continue up to the next Level where they can then progress to producing more complex dishes.


Professional Cookery SCQF Level 5

List of all units for GM2K 22 (complete 12 units in total)

Mandatory units

  • 1GEN1: Maintain health and safety in hospitality

  • 1GEN4: Work effectively as part of a hospitality team

  • 2GEN3: Maintain and handle knives

  • 2GEN4: Maintain food safety in a kitchen environment

Group A (two units required)

  • 2PC1: Prepare vegetables of basic dishes

  • 2PC3: Prepare fish for basic dishes

  • 2PC5: Prepare shellfish for basic dishes

  • 2PC7: Prepare meat for basic dishes

  • 2PC9: Prepare poultry for basic dishes

  • 2PC11: Prepare game for basic dishes

  • 2PC13: Prepare offal for basic dishes

  • 2PC16: Prepare, cook and finish basic hot sauces

  • 2PC17: Prepare, cook and finish basic soups

  • 2PRD5: Cook-Chill food

  • 2PRD6: Cook-Freeze food


Group B (five units required)

  • 1PC12: Cook and finish simple bread and dough products

  • 2PC2: Cook and finish basic vegetable dishes

  • 2PC4: Cook and finish basic fish dishes

  • 2PC6: Cook and finish basic shellfish dishes

  • 2PC8: Cook and finish basic meat dishes

  • 2PC10: Cook and finish basic poultry dishes

  • 2PC12: Cook and finish basic game dishes

  • 2PC14: Cook and finish offal dishes

  • 2PC15: Make basic stocks

  • 2PC18: Prepare, cook and finish basic rice dishes

  • 2PC19: Prepare, cook and finish basic pasta dishes

  • 2PC20: Prepare, cook and finish basic pulse dishes

  • 2PC21: Prepare, cook and finish basic vegetable protein dishes

  • 2PC22: Prepare, cook and finish basic egg dishes

  • 2PC23: Prepare, cook and finish basic bread and dough products

  • 2PC25: Prepare, cook and finish basic cakes, sponges, biscuits and scones

  • 2PC26: Prepare, cook and finish basic cold and hot desserts

  • 2PC28: Prepare, cook and finish food for cold presentation

  • 2PC29: Prepare, cook and finish dim sum

  • 2PC30: Prepare, cook and finish noodle dishes

  • 2PC31: Prepare and cook food using a tandoor 

  • 2PC34: Contribute to sustainable practice in kitchens 


Group C (one unit required)

  • 2PRD5: Prepare meals to meet relevant nutritional standards set for school meals

  • 2PRD17: Modify dishes to meet the specific nutritional needs of individuals 

  • 2PRD20: Liaise with care team to ensure that individual nutritional needs are met

  • 2GEN2: Order stock

  • 2GEN14: Complete kitchen documentation

  • 2GEN15: Set up and close kitchen

  • 2PC32: Process dried ingredients prior to cooking

  • 2PC33: Prepare and mix spice and herb blends


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