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Hospitality Supervision and Leadership SCQF level 7

Hospitality Supervision and Leadership can be used by supervisors in various departments. The qualification has been designed to cover all departments in the Hospitality Industry.

There are Core Units to be completed. These are standard for the qualification. These include Providing leadership for your team, Contribute to the control of resources, Maintaining Health, Hygiene, Safety and Security in the workplace. These are all things that all Supervisors are to be aware of in any work situation.

The qualification then goes onto concentrate on the particular department the supervisor is working in and looks at this in depth in order that they fully understand their work requirements and how to deal with different situations that may come up during the working day.

Work based Projects, Team Meetings, dealing with situations that arise. Looking at resources, keeping up to date with Legislation. Ensuring that the candidate gains a good all round knowledge of the job expected of them.

The Level Seven qualifications can take up to 18 months to complete giving the candidate sufficient time to develop and grow into the role of supervisor.

As with all the qualifications there is an element of theory provided in each unit. This is there to help the candidate and ensure that they fully understand the job and what level is expected from them.

Hospitality Supervision and Leadership SCQF Level 7

List of all units for GM2C 23 (complete 8 units in total)

Mandatory units

  • HSL1: Provide leadership for your team

  • HSL2: Develop productive working relationships with colleagues

  • HSL3: Contribute to the control of resources

  • HSL4: Maintain the health, hygiene, safety and security of the working environment

Optional units (four units required)

  • HSL5: Lead a team to improve customer servic
  • HSL6: Contribute to promoting hospitality services and products

  • HSL7: Supervise food production operations
  • HSL8: Supervise functions

  • HSL9: Contribute to the development of recipes and menus
  • HLS10: Supervise food services

  • HSL11: Supervise drinks services

  • HSL12: Supervise off-site food delivery services
  • HSL13: Supervise cellar and drink storage operations

  • HSL14: Manage the receipt, storage or dispatch of goods
  • HSL15: Supervise the wine store/cellar and dispense counter

  • HSL16: Supervise vending services

  • HSL17: Supervise housekeeping services

  •  HSL18: Supervise linen services
  • HSL19: Monitor and solve customer service problems

  • HSL20: Supervise portering and concierge services

  • HSL21: Supervise reception services

  • HSL22: Supervise reservations and booking services

  • HSL23: Improve the customer relationship

  • HSL24: Provide learning opportunities for colleagues

  • HSL25: Supervise the use of technological equipment in hospitality services

  • HSL26: Supervise practices for handling payments

  • HSL27: Contribute to the development of a wine list

  • HSL28: Manage the environmental impact of your work

  • HSL29: Contribute to the selection of staff for activities

  • HSL30: Ensure food safety practices are followed in the preparation and serving of food and drink

  • HLS31: Lead meetings


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