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Professional Cookery SCQF level 6

Professional Cookery SCQF level 6 is the next level up for Chefs who have completed their Level SCQF level 5 or who have worked in an establishment and been promoted to an area of the Kitchen.

The qualification looks more in depth to areas of the kitchen. The dishes and cooking methods in the Level 6 are far more complex imaginative than the previous levels.

As with all the qualifications Health and Safety is an important issue in any catering establishment and for the Level 6 this goes into more detail, giving an all round working knowledge of a Kitchen Operation. This covers preparing, cooking and finishing dishes, which include Meat, Poultry, Fish, Sauces,  and can also include Soups, complex desserts, pastry, dough, and many more.


Professional Cookery SCQF Level 6

List of all units for GM2J 23 (complete 12 units)

Mandatory units

  • 2GEN4: Maintain food safety in a kitchen environment

  • HSL4: Maintain the health, hygiene, safety and security of the working environment

Group A (seven units required)

  • 3PC1: Cook and finish complex vegetarian dishes
  • 3PC2: Prepare fish for complex dishes

  • 3PC3: Cook and finish complex fish dishes

  • 3PC4: Prepare shellfish for complex dishes

  • 3PC6: Prepare meat for complex dishes

  • 3PC7: Cook and finish complex meat dishes

  • 3PC8: Prepare poultry for complex dishes
  • 3PC9: Cook and finish complex poultry dishes

  • 3PC10: Prepare game for complex dishes

  • 3PC12: Prepare, cook and finish complex hot sauces

  • 3PC13: Prepare, cook and finish complex soups

  • 3PC14: Prepare, cook and finish fresh pasta dishes
  • 3PC15: Prepare, cook and finish complex bread and dough products

  • 3PC20: Prepare, cook and present complex cold products

  • 3PC21: Prepare, finish and present canapés and cocktail products

  • 3PC22: Prepare, cook and finish complex dressings and cold sauces

  • 3PC24: Prepare, cook and finish complex cold desserts

  • 3PC26: Maintain sustainable practice in commercial kitchens

  • HSL9: Contribute to the development of recipes and menus


Group B (three units required)

  • 2GEN6: Minimise the risk of allergens to customers

  • 2PRD17: Modify dishes to meet the specific nutritional needs of individuals

  • HSL2: Develop productive working relationships with colleagues

  • HSL3: Contribute to the control of resources

  • HLS30: Ensure food safety practices are followed in the preparation and serving of food and drink

  • 3PC5: Cook and finish complex shellfish dishes

  • 3PC11: Cook and finish complex game dishes

  • 3PC16: Prepare, cook and finish complex cakes, sponges, biscuits and scones

  • 2PC17: Prepare, cook and finish complex pastry products 

  • 3PC18: Prepare, cook and finish complex chocolate products

  • 3PC19: Prepare, process and finish marzipan pastillage and sugar products

  • 3PC23: Prepare, cook and finish complex hot desserts

  • 3PC25: Produce sauces, fillings and coatings for complex desserts


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