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Standards of Competence

Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQ's) tell you exactly what someone who is competent in an occupation can do. They can be used as a means to prove the competency in their job.

SVQ's are based on Standards of competence. These are drawn up by standard setting bodies on behalf of the industry. The Hospitality Industry's Standards come from People 1st, who are our sector skill council. These Standards are developed to ensure that everyone in the Country is working to the same standard for that industry.

SVQ's are also designed to improve people's skills. They focus on the job related skills and knowledge people need in work.

In general SVQ's:

  • Equip People to do a job and provide them with transferable skills which are relevant to many occupations

  • Respond to the current and future needs of business and industry

  • Are available to people of all ages, and at any stage of their career

  • Can be built up gradually over time

  • Can be taken in the workplace, with a training organisation or with a college

  • Can be done during the course of peoples day-to-day work

How Do SVQ's Work?

SVQ use various skills and in the Hospitality Industry, it is mainly through generating evidence and skill, being assessed on the skills and then proving through questions that the information is correct. The evidence and skills gathered must be in line with the Standards and criteria set out in the qualification.

Level 2

For a Level 2 SVQ, you have to be able to show that you are competent in a range of varied activities, in a variety of contexts. Some of the activities will be complex, and you will be working in a job where you have individual responsibility or autonomy. The job may also involve collaboration with others, perhaps through membership of a group or team.

Level 2 Qualifications Offered:

  • Professional Cookery

  • Kitchen Services
  • Food and Beverage Service

  • Housekeeping
  • Front of House Reception

  • Hospitality Services


Level 3

At this level you have to perform a broad range of activities in a variety of contexts, most of which are complex and non-routine. You will usually be working with considerable responsibility and autonomy, and may have control or guidance of others.

Level 3 SVQ's are also an integral part of Modern Apprenticeships. These enable people to earn and learn at the same time - an advantage for young people who want to get into the workforce and achieve a qualification.

Level 3 Qualifications Offered:

  • Food Preparation and Cooking (Prep and Cooking)

  • Food Preparation and Cooking (Patisserie and Confectionery)

  • Hospitality Supervision and Leadership

  • Customer Service

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